Another one of our latest in house projects has been a Waste Separation Trommel / Rotary Screen Refurbishment. We started by stripping the Trommel as it was important for us to start with a clean base to be able to identify all components that may need to be replaced or reconditioned. Along with this, so we were also able to clean all excess material and debris from the Trommel and surrounding parts.

We started by changing all the Mats inside the Trommel to achieve our Customers desired physical size separation for their Waste. Along with this, we also changed multiple Bearings & Rotary Wheels to ensure that the Trommel was rotating correctly without putting excess pressure on individual components or sides.

It was important to us that the Trommel looked as professional as possible for our Customer. To achieve this, we straightened or replaced any surrounding Steel Framework, along with spraying it to our Customers chosen specification.

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